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John Que (formerly Gee-Que) is an American rapper, producer, engineer, and actor. After founding his record label AnD Music Group and releasing two collaboration albums independently with much success especially overseas decided to come back to the states to reclaim his position in the American market. REAL MUSIC IS BACK with a very promising 2017 for John Que with his highly anticipated new project and a clothing endorsement from Mawbi Wear.

John Que began his music career as Gee-Que, a troubled but witty adolescent born and raised in San Francisco, CA. He gained his recognition while working closely with bay area local reputable engineers like G-Man Stan, owner of Find Away Studios and Don The Enhancer. Working as a well rounded writer and producer for artists of all genres of music, he gain the experience and honed his talent as a writer, producer, and engineer. He sacrificed his dedication and passion for engineering and the production of other entertainers hits to completely focus on his career as an artist to meet the high expectations of his own project. He managed to release several albums independently under the stage name Gee-Que.

Under his new stage name, John Que, he garnered his over-due success from a collaboration LP, Duffle Bag Boys, released in 2009. The chemistry between John Que and Guce proved to be the right formula in creating a motivational anthem that targeted and identified with people struggling to survive under the duress of a sagging economy. The first single released “From the Bottom to the Top” provided a voice of inspiration for a better way of life, followed by the respected second single “Boss Bitch” A second collaboration album was released in 2011 with close friend O.G.E. John Que has also recorded with major artists all over the world since then.

John Que continues to evolve, proving his aptitude in entertainment adding to his resume acting alongside well respected names from the film industry and is well respect as a savvy business man. The first quarter of 2017 John Que spend it releasing tracks from a catalog of renaissance music written, recently recorded and produced by him. His catalog consists of more than 25 LP albums, bridging a gap of his talented ability to be a chameleon through the musical trends of any entertainment era. John Que is now taking dates for national and international live performances, press and radio interviews, guest appearances, event hosting, features, and production.





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